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Case Study:

Transforming a B2B Marketing Recruitment Company's Online Presence.

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At The Social Sherriff, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the Managing Director of a B2B Marketing Recruitment Company, who sought to rebrand her business and elevate its online presence. Her vision was clear: to stand out amidst the noise of business platforms like LinkedIn and create a vibrant, engaging brand identity.

Rebranding Journey:

Our journey began with a comprehensive rebranding effort, where we crafted a fresh, dynamic logo and a captivating branding colour theme that exuded energy and professionalism. I redesigned her entire website, ensuring it reflected the essence of her brand while offering a seamless user experience.

LinkedIn Company Page Management:

With the rebranding complete, I shifted my focus to managing her LinkedIn company page. Drawing from my expertise in social media management, I implemented strategies to boost her page's visibility and engagement. Through strategic content creation and curation, I transformed her page from a modest 800 followers to an impressive 10.5k followers, capturing the attention of her target audience and establishing her brand as a thought leader in the industry.

Vibrant and Engaging Social Media Assets:

To complement her revamped LinkedIn presence, I designed social media assets and PDF downloads that were vibrant, fun, and visually appealing. Each asset was carefully crafted to resonate with her audience, driving consistent growth month after month. My dedication to creating engaging captions and captivating visuals ensured that her page received positive feedback from B2B Directors and clients, further solidifying her brand's reputation and influence.


Through our collaborative efforts, I successfully elevated the client's online presence and helped her business thrive in the competitive B2B marketing recruitment industry. With a vibrant brand identity, a robust LinkedIn presence, and engaging social media assets, she continues to attract new followers and expand her reach, month after month. Growing social media following from 800 followers to almost 11,000.


This case study exemplifies my commitment to helping businesses rebrand and excel in social media. With a strategic approach to social media management and a keen eye for design, I aim to empower my clients to make a lasting impact in their respective industries.

What the client says:

Claire is very passionate and driven in making our social media a success. She is open to brainstorming new ideas and is quick to respond and implement time critical activities. She likes to look at new and innovative approaches and l am comfortable just leaving her to manage our social with limited input from us so we can focus on the running of our business.

What My Clients Are Saying

Claire has completely transformed all of our platforms.

She is great at highlighting unique features and algorithms to boost visibility and engagement. Her proactiveness and dedication to creating engaging content is driving our brand forward and giving us a heavy presence online especially on LinkedIn.

In addition to her skills and on a personal level she is an absolute pleasure to work with and makes any meeting flow in a constructive way.

I couldn't recommend her enough for how hard working and dedicated she is to our business.

Kiran Gray, Sales Development Manager - Motor Marketing UK


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