Social Media Tips for Bars + Restaurants

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Did you know that there's over 200 million posts tagged #food and 23 million with #drinks on social? Food and drink photos are some of the most popular types of content on Instagram and it's quite likely that your customers are posting without your interaction.

Your social media platforms are now used to influence decisions. Most people will visit your profiles before checking out your website, so constant and regular posting is imperative! Research shows that 88% of people are influenced by reviews and online comments posted on social media, so it's incredibly important that your restaurant or bar has a strategy in place to manage social.

Don't be promotional and engage with your audience.

Try to add authenticity to your profiles. Add images of you and your team to show your followers who you are as a company, your beliefs and your passion.

It’s important to build connections with your followers and not lose them by bombarding them with promotional content.

Think of your social platforms like a networking event. Ask questions and get to know your audience. Direct the conversation to your customers. Ask them if they’ve seen your new menu, or even better tasted it! What did they think? What one cocktail could they not do without on your menu? You can then capitalise on this information for promotions or Happy Hour events.

Think about posting times and scheduling…

If your strategy is aimed at B2B, as in you’re a supplier of food and drink and you’d like to target business owners, then maybe that commute post at 7:30am on Twitter and LinkedIn will see the engagement results you're after. If you’re targeting B2C (your customers) then think about posting at times they’re likely to be scrolling through social and thinking about lunch, dinner or drinks. Work within a time frame, for instance; people will start to think about lunch around 12pm, so start to post after 12 if you’re promoting a lunch menu, or special offer. Play on the idea of social days, “#humpday head to the bar for your happy hour cocktail to get through to the weekend’. ‘#Fridayfeels we’ve got them to get you in the mood, we’re offering half prices cocktails from 5pm – 6pm! #afterworkdrinks”.

You can also post content at varied times of the day that aren’t directly about food and drink. This could include staff photos or getting ready for the weekend. Remember ‘authenticity’ allow your followers to get to know you on social, so when they walk through your door, they already feel connected with your business.


If you don’t already have a strategy and content plan in place, I highly recommend this becomes a priority. This will help you organise your marketing, plan for social media days such as #margaritaday or #cocktailday as well as helping you plan and promote your events.

Strategies help you align your business goals with your company beliefs and help you organise targeted content.

It’s here that you can list competitors and check in to see what the competition is doing, staying ahead of the game and thinking of new and exciting content for your social.

Social Media Management

If you think you could benefit from social support and a manager that can help create cohesive content and organise staff to get involved then, we can arrange a chat.

I am passionate about food and drink and would love to help you get your brand message across on social. 

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