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Reels. What are they? How do you view them? And how do you create them?

The newest way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram is 'Reels'. Instagram have created a new super cool feature that invites you to create fun videos to share. Record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools.

You can share reels with your followers on your Feed as you would a pot. Plus, if you have a public account, you'll make them available to the wider Instagram community through a new space in Explore. Reels in Explore offers anyone the chance to become a creator on Instagram and reach new audiences on a global stage. Amazing right?

How do you make a reel? Hit the blue plus to create a story, the interface of the stories section has now changed. You’ll now find live, stories and reels. Click reels! They can be between 3 and 15 seconds long. On the left hand side you’ll see all of the controls for you to choose from. You can add music, change the speed, create effects and timer, so set how long you want your clip to be! There’s an option to select your camera roll and add a pre recorded video too. Your reels will sit in the new icon on your feed next to the grid and your IGTV. How to view users’ reels - Just hit the magnifying glass at the bottom to search and view published reels! When should you use Reels as a business? You need to think strategically, if it doesn’t work for you and your brand, don’t sit creating a ton of content just for the sake of it. So, make a plan, think about your strategy, your concept and get creative! Thanks to Instagram for the how to guide, you can read more in depth tips here.

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