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Mastering the 2024 Instagram Algorithm: A Guide for Social Media Success.

Yes, they have done it again! Instagram has altered their algorithm for 2024 and understanding the changes is crucial for maximising your digital presence.

Here's your guide to mastering the 2024 Instagram algorithm and optimising your content for success. 💫


The Instagram algorithm, a complex set of rules and calculations, it aims to shape the user experience by prioritising relevant and engaging content. To succeed in 2024, consider these key factors:


Purpose-Driven Experience

- The algorithm tailors content based on user behaviour, preferences, and interactions.

- Favourable engagement (likes, comments, and shares) play pivotal roles.


Navigating Different Algorithms

- Main Feed, Stories, Explore Page, and Reels each have unique algorithms.

- Tailor your strategy for each section to maximise visibility.


A Closer Look at Algorithmic Mechanisms


Understanding how the Instagram algorithm functions in different sections is essential for an effective social media strategy:


1. Feed Algorithm

Ever wondered how the Instagram Feed decides what content takes centre stage since your last visit? This feed is meticulously curated to showcase a blend of posts from those you follow, as well as profiles aligned with your interests, all thanks to predictive algorithms.


- Prioritises missed content since the last visit.

- Favours engagement, profile visits, and anticipated reading duration.

- Personalises your Feed with favourites


2. Story Algorithm

Upon launching the Instagram app, a line up of the most recent Stories from your followed profiles grabs your attention. The Instagram Stories algorithm works diligently to ensure you see Stories you're most likely to engage with, considering factors such as:


- Curates recent Stories from followed profiles.

- Prioritises based on frequency of viewing, interaction level, and connection depth.


3. Explore Page Algorithm

The Explore Page algorithm aims to introduce users to fresh and relevant content, personalised to individual preferences. It relies on cues from the feed and Stories but places a strong emphasis on user interactions like likes, saves, and shares.


- Ranks content based on likes, saves, and shares.

- Personalises content to individual user interests.


4. Reel Algorithm

The Reels algorithm shapes the Instagram experience by curating engaging videos in your feed.

Here's the breakdown:


Diverse Discovery: Expanding beyond followed accounts to introduce users to new content.

Sound Popularity: User engagement with audio tracks in Reels enhances content visibility.

Past Interactions: Recognizing previous user engagement with Reels to predict future interests.

Similar User Preferences: Observing what similar users engage with to make informed recommendations.

Quality Emphasis: Creators are encouraged to produce high-quality content for algorithmic promotion.

Dynamic Refinement: Continuous interaction with Reels refines the algorithm for a personalized and engaging feed over time.


Tips for Maximizing Algorithmic Advantage


To stand out and optimise your content for the 2024 Instagram algorithm, implement these tailored strategies:


1. Post at the Right Time

- Schedule posts when your audience is most active.

- Leverage tools or the help of a social media manager to monitor optimal timing insights.


2. Craft Original Content

- Prioritise authenticity and uniqueness.

- Embrace imperfections and experiment with content types.


3. Monitor DMs and Comments

- Engage actively with your audience.


4. Use Relevant Hashtags and Keywords

- Strategically select hashtags for broader discoverability.

- Align hashtags with your content for increased visibility.

-Stick to under 12 hashtags ideally


5. Add Location Tags

- Geotag to enhance authenticity.

- Cater to local audiences or those interested in specific locations.


Key Takeaways:

1️⃣ Time Your Posts Strategically

2️⃣ Cultivate Original Content

3️⃣ Stay Attuned to Instagram DMs and Comments

4️⃣ Leverage Relevant Hashtags and Keywords

5️⃣ Enhance Your Posts with Location Tags

6️⃣ Work with Instagrams various posting algorithms

Navigating the 2024 Instagram algorithm successfully demands a proactive approach. In my role as your Social Media Manager, I'm dedicated to leading you through the intricate steps of Instagram's algorithmic landscape, guaranteeing that your content connects with its target audience. I can help you to craft a strategy that not only embraces change but also keeps you ahead in the world of social media.

If you need a little, please do get in touch.

Claire Sherriff, Freelance Social Media Manager | 

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