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Don't be shy...

Content may be King, but engagement is most certainly Queen! If your goal is to grow your social media following with an authentic audience (not spammers) then engagement really is key.

When I say engage, I mean commenting, liking and tagging other people’s comments and posts. Don’t just hit the like button. Ways you can extend your reach is to search hashtags, then like and comment on peoples posts that are relevant to your target market.

More interaction = More exposure.

Once you’ve made your first few comments, it’ll become second nature. So don’t be shy, reach out and make a connection.

Here’s a few tips on how to take the first steps to quality engagement.

1. Be genuine, don’t be spammy! How often do you get irrelevant comments left on your posts? All the god damn time. I’m a social media marketer and I have social media marketers leaving comment’s asking me if I need help with my social. Don’t be one of those guys. Be relevant.

2. Leave comments and congratulate people, positivity goes a long way.

3. Make sure to read any comments left on your posts and like and reply accordingly.

4. Beat the algorithm, leave no less than 5-6 words, so not just a quick, ‘amazing!’

5. Use emojis. It’s hard to express emotion in a comment, so leave a couple of emojis 😉

Give these tips a try and let me know how you get on!

Head over to my insta account and leave a comment if you've found this blog post useful ☺️ I'll leave one for you too 🙌🏻

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