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Climb your way to the top!

Social media users trying to extend their reach, need to understand algorithms and how to align posts with how they work. The cynical social media user will claim algorithms are there to pressurise businesses into paid advertising campaigns, but this shouldn’t be the case.

Growing your social media following organically has always been the goal for business pages, so if anything, algorithms are helping that cause.

The key to growing organically and making algorithms work for your business is engagement and you’ll get this by being informative and relevant to your target audience.

Other factors play a part in how the algorithms prioritise posts across various platforms but generally, if you post consistent and meaningful content you’ll speak to your audience who in turn will respond.

Encourage engagement, maybe even ask for it?

There are methods to help activate engagement. Try asking questions, perhaps in the form of a poll and get people engaged.

Tagging in relevant users to the content your posting can encourage shares and comments.

You may even want to head down the route of asking for shares, retweets etc. or asking users to utilise the turn on notification option for your page so they never miss a post.

So, the rule of thumb in making algorithms work for you is through good timely content, being relevant and talking the language of your audience. However, depending on where you’re posting will also affect how you rank and grow your reach. Social media platforms continue to develop variations in how algorithms work and each platform needs consideration.

Facebook - The floor is yours.

Algorithms on Facebook are based on meaningfulness, so in order to rank highly on Facebook your aim should be for your posts to encourage comments and shares. Content with questions encouraging engagement is a great tip! Video posting is also massively successful, particularly live video posts, which are drawing more people into engaging. Instagram - Consistency is Queen 👑 Instagram algorithms basically target those who’ll be interested in your subject content, they also react to the previous level of engagement you’ve had with users, targeting those that will most likely want to see what you’re posting. Instagram algorithms work on 3 main factors. Interest, timeliness and relationship. Remember consistency is key! Twitter - Time it right. Timing is critical to make Twitter algorithms work for you. Although Twitter algorithms will work in terms of ranking, what you’ve missed and then chronological order, users have a choice to remove the feature to have Twitter show them the ‘best tweets’ first. Understanding your audiences’ online trends will really help make this one work for you and you can be timely on Twitter by scheduling your posts to hit those peak times for increased engagement levels. LinkedIn - Add value. Timing is also a consideration for LinkedIn, as with Twitter, the user can choose whether to filter the feed between ‘Top’ or ‘Recent’. More importantly though, Linkedin posting needs to be of good quality and interest your audience. So think about this when creating articles and daily posts. This is the only platform that actually has a human element in how its algorithms work. Once your posts have filtered through the programmed algorithms and has met a level of engagement there is a final human edited stage where a real person will determine the value of your post. If it’s deemed valuable to the platform it’s reach can then be extended at this stage and run a longer life of relevancy 🏃🏽‍♀️ So, there you have it. Algorithms are there to help our businesses grow social media profiles and reach our target market. If you can consider the above variations in how algorithms work across social media and ultimately produce consistent, good quality content, your audience will find you 🙌🏻 If it's all a bit too much to take in and you need a little help with your social, send me a message, I'm here to help 😊

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