5 Instagram Takeaways (Excuse the pun) for Bars & Restaurants.

Social media is where people will get to know you and your brand.

No.1 - Be Relevant.

Maintaining your Instagram presence has never been so important, especially if your target market are aged between 18 – 35. A recent Zizzi report showed that 30% within that age group would avoid using a restaurant if they had a poor Instagram profile! Start posting on a daily basis, using high quality relevant content. Avoid posting images that are full of text, instagram users love the visual element of this platform, so leave the text for your captions.

No.2 - Create High Quality Images.

You don't have to have a fancy camera to take great images for your social media. Most smart phones have pretty nifty cameras! Posting good quality images is massively important for instagram. Nobody is going to like a blurred, unclear or unappealing image.

Here's a few tips...

+ Get close! Take close-ups so that the whole dish or drink is visible and think about the background. Try to stay on brand with colour and themes.

+ Background really does matter! Make sure that you keep your background simple. If you have quirky, stylish interior, think about placement when taking your shot. A clean plain surface is great for allowing your dish or drink to really stand out!

No.3 - Utilise your customers posts

If you struggle to think of photo ideas and lack time, then create a company hashtag and encourage people to post and tag your profile so you're able to repost customer content. It's a brilliant way to encourage engagement.

No.4 - Social Media Days

There's a day for everything from #nationalpizzaday to #internationalwineday so use this to your advantage! Get involved with the trend and think about promotions or competitions you could run to help you climb the algorithm and reach more customers.

No.5 - Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have 400 million active users and this figure continues to rise. 50% of businesses now use this feature to promote their service and special offers.

Stories last for 24 hours, so it’s a brilliant way to advertise your weekly food and drink deals or events.

Instagram stories is an opt in feature, so your followers must click to view, different from your general posts that appear within their feed. Try encouraging them to view stories by posting special deals and secret offers exclusive to your Instagram stories network. You’ll build a different community and make them feel important and valued by opting in to view every story you post!

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